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"It is always helpful to find a dealer like Eric J. Keller, who can answer questions quickly and efficiently because it allows us the opportunity to keep pace with the changes in the market place. Eric is a great source for fine art photography."
Michael Klein, Curator, Microsoft Art Collection

Ron van Dongen
New Botanicals in Black & White

Soulcatcher Studio is very pleased to present this new body of work by Ron van Dongen. Mr. van Dongen is one of the most recognized and respected photographers of botanical studies working today. He brings a fresh, contemporary approach to botanical illustration.

In the foreword to Ron van Dongen's first monograph, Alba Nero (Nazraeli Press, 1999), Steven Jenkins describes the brilliance of Ron van Dongen's floral studies. He comments, "...rarely has the infinite mystery of a dahlia or magnolia been visualized with such hushed reverence and elegiac intensity as in the photographs of Ron van Dongen." Jenkins continues, "He shows us the flower as resourceful and delicate, decorative and essential, sacred and sensual, life force and death knell." These images are always suggestive of all that is beyond our tethered reach.

One of the most amazing aspects of Ron's art is that he cultivates all of the plants and flowers that he photographs in his own back yard gardens in Portland, Oregon. His fourth book, Ops Opis, was published by Nazraeli Press in 2004.

Prices start at $1,200 and increase as the edition sells out. Complete print and purchasing information can be found below. We hope you enjoy this beautiful exhibition.

Click on the thumbnail images below to view enlarged examples and detailed print information.

About the prints:
All photographs are printed by the artist in the traditional darkroom setting
on Ilford Multigrade fiber-based paper.

Each image is offered in a limited edition of fifty prints and one artist proof and priced as follows:

20 x 16" image size, printed on 20 x 16" paper:
1 - 30:
31 - 45:
46 - 48:
49, 50 & AP: Not Available

Prices increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice.

Please note: Prices are based on the actual sales of each image.
Therefore, the number on the print may not correspond with the current price.

Other photographs by this artist are also available. Please contact Soulcatcher Studio
if you are interested in these or any other images. You can also view many other
examples from Ron's large body of work at his own website:

Several limited edition monographs by this artist are available in our bookstore.

All artwork is copyright © of the respective artist or estate.
All other material copyright © Soulcatcher Studio. All rights reserved.
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