Callie Shell
Handshake, Peoria, Illinois 2006

"I made this picture in October of 2006 during the Illinois State races. Just three of us in a car: Senator Obama, a friend of his who was driving and me. I don't think you could make this picture now. He had stopped at a rest area along the back roads of Illinois. There are no Secret Service agents, no staff, no motorcade or traveling press corps. It is a sharp contrast to the 200,000 person crowd that greeted Obama in Berlin less than two years later." ~Callie Shell

Epson Ultrachrome Print Photograph
Signed in pencil au recto in print margin.
13x19" image, printed on 17x22" paper.

Also available in 9x13" image, printed on 11x14" paper.
Signed in pencil au recto in print margin.

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Image Copyright © 2009 Callie Shell. All Rights Reserved.

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