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"It is always helpful to find a dealer like Eric J. Keller, who can answer questions quickly and efficiently because it allows us the opportunity to keep pace with the changes in the market place. Eric is a great source for fine art photography."
Michael Klein, Curator, Microsoft Art Collection

Photographs by Susan Burnstine

Susan Burnstine Soulcatcher Studio is proud to welcome Susan Burnstine to our esteemed stable of photographic artists. Susan's love for photography began at the age of eight when her mother gave her a vintage camera to play with. She was instantly hooked. While working as a professional photographer, Susan started shooting and modifying inexpensive, plastic toy cameras for fun. Within less than a year, Susan's work was exhibited in galleries, magazines and contests. In Spring 2005, she started building her own homemade cameras and lenses, primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Burnstine currently has around twenty homemade cameras that she uses to create these dreamlike, metaphoric images. Most have cost her less than forty dollars in parts and a few have cost nothing since they were created from random, found parts or parts of toys she 'acquired' from unsuspecting children.

Burnstine's series, On Waking Dreams, explores that fleeting moment between dreaming and waking--the blurred seconds in which imagination and reality collide.

She states, "I often recall images and am uncertain whether they came from something experienced in reality or dreams. Images symbolic of transitions and transformations of the spirit, be it human, animal or from the natural world, are of particular interest and significance to me.

With this series, I wanted to find a way to portray these types of dream-like visions, but entirely in-camera, rather than with post-processing manipulations. To achieve this, I created twenty hand-made cameras and lenses that are frequently unpredictable. Learning to overcome their extensive limitations has required me to rely on instinct and intuition - the same tools key for attempting to interpret dreams."

We're in an endless state of living and dying. Burnstine's third series Between explores the fleeting shadows of twilight time, the faint seconds between now and then that float just above reality. Just as in life, these images reveal that things are never as simple as black and white. What matters is what lies between.

Burnstine earned B&W Magazine's Excellence Award for the 2006 Portfolio Contest (Issue #44, August 2006), the Silver Award for B&W's 2008 Single Image Contest (Issue#56, February 2008), she has been nominated for the 2007 Aperture West Book Prize. Her portfolio was featured in Black & White Photography Magazine (UK - Issue 54, Christmas 2005) and Shots Magazine Portfolio Issue (Issue #94, Winter 2007) and her work has also been seen in Professional Photographer Magazine (December 06), and Camera Arts (March/April 2008, Jan/Feb 2007, Nov/Dec 2006, May/June 2006), among others.

Additionally, since being featured in Black & White Photography (UK), Susan has become a contributing writer for the magazine.

Print Information: Burnstine's photographic effects are created entirely in-camera. No digital manipulation post-processing techniques are used to achieve effects. Images are scanned and individually printed by the artist with ultrachrome K3 inks on archival, acid free, 100% rag, fine art paper and hand coated with giclee varnish for ultimate UV protection. This unique combination of Cranes paper and giclee varnish doubles the life of the original print to approximately 300 years or more when stored and cared for appropriately. Prints are signed, titled and numbered in pencil au verso.

Prints are produced in a limited edition in two sizes: 12x12" image printed on 13x16" paper (edition of 25) and 16x16" image printed on 17x22" paper (edition of 15). There are also a total of five Artist Proofs of each image. Prices begin at $750 for the 12x12" images and $1,000 for the 16x16" images. Prices are set by the artist, increase as the edition sells out and are subject to change without prior notice. Please inquire if you have other favorite images by this artist, as we can offer her entire portfolio of work for sale.

We hope you enjoy this exhibition and sale of beautiful fine art photographs.
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